CountrySide Magazine

The CountrySide magazine is published every two months by the European Landonwers’ Organization. The YFCS contribute to the editorial content by publishing articles related to young rural entrepreneurship

Latest articles:


CS 183: “2020 FAMIGRO Award for Entrepreneurship ” – Alberto Hermosel
CS 182: “YFCS General Assembly 2019” – Marie-Christine Schönborn
CS 175: “Forum for Countryside Entrepreneurship (FCE) 2018” – Marie-Christine Schönborn
CS 170: “WILDERNEST’s Eco-friendly ‘Tiny Houses’ project receives the FAMIGRO award” – ELO Team
CS 167: “YFCS plans for 2017” – Marie-Christine Schönborn
CS 163: “Forum for Countryside Entrepreneurship” – Marie-Christine Schönborn
CS 157: “Creating the Countryside of the 21st Century The Forum for Countryside Entrepreneurship” – Geoffroy de Cannière