About Us


  • To raise awareness amongst YFCS members about: European environmental policies, European rural business opportunities and Estates & Historic Houses inheritance and management processes
  • To promote educational philanthropy in the countryside
  • To leverage on members’ innovative countryside management related experiences
  • Represent and channel the YFCS voice at EU level through the European Landowners Organisation

YFCS & European Integration:

In the context of its environmental activities, YFCS actively promotes European citizenship, bridging the gap between young rural people and the European Union and stimulates its members to develop a sense of belonging and European identity. YFCS also promotes tolerance and fosters social cohesion in the EU, making youths more aware of the fundamental rights and duties of EU citizens and stimulates them to become actively involved in the process of European integration. Finally, YFCS aims to foster mutual understanding between young, encouraging them in respecting and celebrating cultural diversity, while contributing to intercultural dialogue.


YFCS is a relatively young Not For Profit Association. It was created in 2006 with the support of its parent organisation Friends of the CountrySide (FCS), the European Landowners’ Organisation (ELO) and the Union of European Historic Houses Associations (UEHHA). The idea was to focus on younger business people, rural entrepreneurs and landowners as they represent the next generation who will be in charge of the prosperity of our future rural economy.

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